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Hemp Certificate of Compliance Package

MCNutraceuticals 14828 W 6th ave suite 3B Golden, CO 80401

To Whom it may concern, All products produced by MCNutraceuticals are derived from Industrial Hemp and are compliant with The Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (The 2018 Farm Bill). All our industrial hemp products are extracted from the highest quality grown industrial hemp with a THC concentration of no more than 0.3% on a dry weight basis. Additionally, all of our finished products are manufactured and tested to ensure they contain less than .3% THC by weight. Included with this shipment is our 2018 Farm Bill compliant hemp handlers license issued by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). Also included is a Farm Bill Compliant pre-harvest test conducted in accordance with CDPHE regulations by an accredited lab showing that the raw hemp used to produce this/these products is federally compliant. Additionally, included is a Certificate of Analysis from an accredited laboratory showing that the finished product(s) contained in this shipment is/are federally compliant. Please note that the included pre-harvest certificate of analysis is representative of the raw hemp material that the products contained in this shipment were derived from. The Certificate of Analysis for the actual finished product in this shipment is also included. The pre-harvest certificate of analysis is included only to show that the material that the finished product was derived from is federally compliant, please do not confuse it with the actual finished product certificate of analysis also included. All testing records are meticulously maintained and available upon request.

Chain of Custody:
The COA’s for the following Batch Reports are available upon request
Hemp Raw Material Lot CBD Biomass PAC4789
CBD Crude SA-230427-20968
CBD Distillate SA-230121-15950
CBD Isolate SA-230106-15489

Legal Opinion is available upon request.
Burk & Burk, Attorneys at Law
12835 E. Arapahoe Rd. Tower 2 Ste 700
Centennial, CO 800112

Registration to Operate: Manufactured Foods is available upon request 
Registration # MFE22361
Owner MC Nutraceuticals
14828 W. 6th 3B
Golden CO 80401

USDA HEMP Producer License # USDA_55_0087 issued to
Complete Agronomy Solutions
on January 3, 2022 is available upon request.